Preventive Services Benchmarking Tool

Welcome to the National Business Group on Health’s preventive services benchmarking tool.

This tool allows employers to benchmark their current preventive benefits and programs against the gold standard (no cost to the beneficiary or 100% first dollar coverage) for recommended preventive services; and for select services, against an additional sample of Business Group members (90 employers).


Company / Organization Name: *

Select approximate company size (# of employees) *

< 10,000
30,000 – 49,999
10,000 – 29,999
50,000 – 74,999
> 125,000

Please check the box of the health topic you would like to benchmark and select the appropriate level of coverage. You may select multiple health topics to benchmark. *

Level of coverage refers to:
Cover at no cost
  • Covered under the medical benefit at no cost to the beneficiary (100% first dollar coverage); or
  • Offered to the beneficiary at no cost in a wellness program.
Cover at a cost
  • Covered under the medical benefit with a cost (co-pay, deductible, etc.); or
  • Offered to beneficiary at a cost in a wellness program; or
  • Offered to beneficiary at no cost but with a dollar limit in a wellness program
Do not cover
  • Not covered under the medical benefit
  • Not offered as part of a wellness or employee assistance program.