Mental Health and Emotional Well-being: A Call to Action for Employers
Read about the five major areas of concern and opportunity for employers to consider in order to bring about positive change for employees and dependents as they navigate the health care system and look to lead happy, productive lives. The Employers' Forum on Mental Health & Emotional Well-being kicks off our commitment to helping employers tackle this issue in 2017 and beyond.

Key Insights: Getting the Company Culture Right
Three experts presented at the 2016 Fall Conference on how organizational culture impacts employee well-being and business performance, and how to create a workplace culture in which employees thrive. See what they said.

Summary of Quick Survey Findings: Third Quarter 2016
In the third quarter of 2016, the Business Group fielded several member requested Quick Surveys. See the key highlights from some of this year’s surveys.

A Closer Look at Rx Coupons and Patient Assistance Programs
Patient (or “copay”) assistance programs and coupons present a bit of a double edged sword. While on the one hand, they help facilitate payment for certain drugs, they also complicate the payment process immensely. What should employers consider and how best can you manage these programs?

Prescription Opioid Misuse and Abuse - 2016 Update
To help employers navigate this complex public health crisis, this updated document includes tips for 1) evaluating claims data to identify employees who may be demonstrating high-risk or addiction behavior; 2) empowering and educating employees on when and how to seek drug-alternative therapies; and 3) evaluating opioid misuse in the workforce as a precursor to proactive intervention.

Strategies to Support Employees’ Financial Security
Improving employees’ financial security can boost employee health, well-being and productivity. What’s more, for some organizations, providing financial well-being benefits can advance recruitment and retention efforts.This document presents employers with the business case for implementing financial well-being programs or benefits, and provides an overview of the strategies some employers have in place to help employees become more financially secure.

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