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These materials provide an overview of Japan in the areas of health, healthcare, health-related legislation, and benefits.

  • Profile: Health and Health Systems – February 20, 2014 Global locked secured document
    This profile provides information about the health and health care systems in Japan. It also includes demographic, economic, and environmental factors that may impact the health and well-being of an employer's workforce there.

  • Health Benefits Fact Sheet – February 20, 2014 Global locked secured document
    This fact sheet provides an overview of health benefits practices and wellness initiatives in Japan.

  • Health Benefits Overview Presentation – February 20, 2014 Global locked secured document
    Gregg Mayer & Company, Inc. presented an overview to the Board on health and health benefit issues in Japan.

  • Market Intelligence — October 15, 2013
    These materials (Country Snapshot and Health Dashboard) provide a brief overview of the health care system, population health statistics, and HR practices in multiple countries.

  • Global Demographic Prospects to 2030: Implications for the World Economy – December 8, 2011 Global locked secured document
    Nicholas Eberstadt of American Enterprise Institute presented the demographic outlook to 2030 for the world. He addresses upcoming population issues for China, India, Japan, Russia, Western Europe, and the U.S.

Benefits Issues
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  • Japan Benefits Benchmarking Survey Results — March 14, 2014 Global locked secured document
    This survey report contains information about benefits, plan design, costs and areas of focus among GBGH member companies with operations in Japan.

Employee Assistance Programs
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  • HIV/AIDS Impact and Response by Country — January 23, 2012 Global locked secured document
    This spreadsheet provides information about HIV/AIDS prevalence, legislation, prevention and treatment in 17 different countries. Employers should consider using this information as they plan their HIV education programs and benefit strategies in their worldwide locations. The countries targeted include Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.

Nutrition/Weight Management
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  • Global Nutrition and Weight Management — July 16, 2014 Global locked secured document
    This document examines trends in underweight, overweight and obesity globally. Additionally, it provides recommendations on steps that employers can take to promote optimal nutrition for their worldwide workforce.

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  • Japan's Burden of Tobacco — May 31, 2014
    This document outlines the toll of tobacco in Japan including the prevalence of tobacco-related disease, its economic cost and locally available cessation resources.

  • Global Tobacco Policies – September 8, 2011 Global locked secured document
    This Excel spreadsheet presents country-level policies and regulations that may be pertinent to corporate tobacco cessation efforts. Information is included for ten target countries on a wide range of issues (national/local legislation, available smoking bans, availability of NRT, etc.). Employers are encouraged to send (global@businessgrouphealth.org) updated information about their in-country tobacco cessation experiences and initiatives for future inclusion.

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  • Standard Market Practice in Health Promotion – April 30, 2014 Global locked secured document
    This report provides context on employer's health promotion practices in Japan. The report includes background, program strategy and status, program types, staff support, complexities and barriers, data and measurement, project information, and recommendations for employers.

  • Health Resources Guide – February 20, 2014 Global locked secured document
    This resource guide includes information on health and wellness vendors, government agencies, medical associations, and advocacy organizations in Japan.

  • Immunization Recommendations – February 20, 2014 Global locked secured document
    This document reports the recommendations for children and adult vaccinations in Japan.

  • Wellness Programs in Japan – November 6, 2013 Global locked secured document
    This survey explores common employer health promotion practices in Japan and assesses top employee health needs. Specifically, what offer programs, benefits and services do employers offer their Japanese employee population, who manages those initiatives, and what sources of information do they use to track program impact?

Women at Work
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  • Women in Japan: A Glimpse at Their Health Status and Challenges – March 5, 2013 Global locked secured document
    This document summarizes areas of inequality in Japan that affect women in the workplace, in society, in the home and as individuals. It also outlines what some employers have done to address these issues and provides a list of Japanese advocacy groups that may be useful to local human resources and benefits staff.

  • Women's Health Around the World – November 30, 2011 Global locked secured document
    This chart provides comparative data for GHBI target countries on issues relevant to women's health.

  • Webinar: Global Trends in Health Benefits for Women – November 17, 2011 Global locked secured document
    Dr. Lorna Friedman and Céline Ng Tong from Mercer present an overview of women in the workplace and highlight their health care concerns and issues.

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