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The Global Business Group on HealthSM (GBGH), a National Business Group on Health® organization, provides tools and resources that enable its large employer members to address the health and benefits needs of employees worldwide. Through collaborative next practice sharing and innovative problem solving, the Global Business Group provides:

  • Practical, actionable, and culturally-relevant solutions,
  • Country- and issue-specific benchmarking, and
  • Opportunities to engage thought leaders and peer organizations.

The GBGH also:

  • Leverages the experience and influence of its collective membership to maximize human capital investments and
  • Encourages country-level market change that positively affects the lives of employees and their families.


Highlighted GBGH Resources

  • This infographic outlines the life cycle of a corporate health award program. Locked secured document

  • This product incorporates three different tools: a chart outlining strategies for employers to conduct "cost containment" exercises globally, survey findings about global containment processes and procedures among GBGH members, and four case studies of current company efforts to track health care spend internationally. Global locked secured document

  • This resource guide includes information on health and wellness vendors, government agencies, medical associations, and advocacy organizations in India. Global locked secured document

  • This document depicts a variety of factors that contribute to a positive environment for various stakeholders to mainstream HIV/AIDS insurance coverage outside the United States. Global locked secured document

  • This Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® Global Distinction case study addresses how IBM promotes their vision of health globally by leveraging the talents of their international health service teams and vendor partners to meet global and local needs. Locked secured document

  • The purpose of this survey was to understand what services are available in employers' on-site health clinics outside the United States and how those clinics are managed. Global locked secured document

Global locked secured document= Global Business Group on Health Members only

Locked secured document= National and Global Business Group on Health Members only

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