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About the Global Business Group on HealthSM

Mission Statement

Provide affordable business solutions that improve the health and productivity of employees and their families worldwide.

Key Objectives and Strategies:

  • Create health value (i.e. effectiveness and efficiency) and improve productivity by promoting innovative, practical, and evidence-based health benefit solutions, including: disease, disability and injury prevention and access to quality, safe and effective health care.
  • Demonstrate that technology-enabled health improvement programs enhance the company's competitive edge as an employer of choice in the recruitment and retention of talent.
  • Develop a business case, demonstrating a positive return on investment, for corporate leadership to invest in health and productivity programs.
  • Provide a unique source of information on demographics, health/disability trends, benefits, and comparative information on top tier providers and vendors.
  • Provide opportunities for members to share best practices and insights, benchmark programs, and create tools that enable practical solutions to global health issues.
  • Establish marketplace expectations for excellence, including innovation, transparency, efficient and continuous improvement, that support high performing health care systems.


The Global Business Group on HealthSM (GBGH) is governed by its Forum Delegates, under the overall mission of the National Business Group on Health®. Information developed and shared is proprietary and restricted to GBGH members unless otherwise determined by the Forum.

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