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The Global Business Group on HealthSM (GBGH), a National Business Group on HealthSM organization, provides tools and resources that enable its large employer members to address the health and benefits needs of employees worldwide. Through collaborative next practice sharing and innovative problem solving, the Global Business Group provides:

  • Practical, actionable, and culturally-relevant solutions,
  • Country- and issue-specific benchmarking, and
  • Opportunities to engage thought leaders and peer organizations.

The GBGH also:

  • Leverages the experience and influence of its collective membership to maximize human capital investments and
  • Encourages country-level market change that positively affects the lives of employees and their families.

Select World Health Observances

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women — November 25, 2014
Only a small proportion of domestic violence cases are ever reported because of stigma, fear of disclosure, and social and cultural issues. In many parts of the world, rape is not considered a crime and may be used as a tool of war. Employers can support employees through their employee assistance programs and empowerment initiatives. Here is the United Nations' awareness campaign toolkit.


Highlighted GBGH Resources

  • This toolkit will help multinational employers develop governance processes for global benefits. Global locked secured document

  • This report provides context on employer's health promotion practices in United Arab Emirates. Global locked secured document

  • This report summarizes employers' approaches to address the Ebola situation in West Africa and the U.S. Locked secured document

  • This publication outlines stressors for employees in international roles and offers recommendations to address or mitigate them. Global locked secured document

  • This report makes the ILO's 2010 Recommendation on HIV/AIDS in the workplace actionable for multinational employers by providing strategies to develop workplace policies and programs and support employees with HIV/AIDS. Global locked secured document

  • This case study presents on Dow Chemical's data-informed, globally integrated health promotion program being flexible to consider the specific needs and cultural differences of its employee population in China. Locked secured document

NOTE: Some resources on this site will appear under our former name, Global Health Benefits Institute.

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