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The Global Business Group on HealthSM (GBGH), a National Business Group on Health® organization, provides tools and resources that enable its large employer members to address the health and benefits needs of employees worldwide. Through collaborative next practice sharing and innovative problem solving, the Global Business Group provides:

  • Practical, actionable, and culturally-relevant solutions,
  • Country- and issue-specific benchmarking, and
  • Opportunities to engage thought leaders and peer organizations.

The GBGH also:

  • Leverages the experience and influence of its collective membership to maximize human capital investments and
  • Encourages country-level market change that positively affects the lives of employees and their families.


Highlighted GBGH Resources

  • This Q&A document is intended for corporate headquarters decision-makers, the group frequently responsible for identifying the need for, and then implementing, stress management programs around the globe. Global locked secured document

  • This issue brief outlines the environment and health care system of Nigeria as well as the health status of its residents. Global locked secured document

  • This issue brief covers suicide causes and rates around the world and outlines employer strategies for suicide prevention and postvention. Global locked secured document

  • The document outlines seven universal attributes or actions that are common found in successful corporate wellness or health promotion programs regardless of geography, culture or language. Locked secured document

  • The Dow Chemical Company has a comprehensive wellness program with the mission of protecting and optimizing the health and productivity of its workforce. Global locked secured document

  • This survey report summarizes benefits, plan design, costs, vendor information, gaps being addressed by members and top areas of focus in the UK. Global locked secured document

NOTE: Some resources on this site will appear under our former name, Global Health Benefits Institute.

Global locked secured document= Global Business Group on Health Members only

Locked secured document= National and Global Business Group on Health Members only

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