Rx Alert - Lidocaine
As companies more aggressively manage opioid utilization, some have seen increases in both costs and quantities being billed for products that are lidocaine or lidocaine-containing formulations. Lidocaine is a local anesthetic used to numb tissue, and can be administered topically, via injection or through a dermal patch to relieve pain symptoms.

Whispers from the Watercooler — What Motivates Employees to Improve Their Health and Well-being
NBGH/Welltok survey of over 1,000 employees who work for large employers looks at what factors are most influential in motivating employees to improve their overall well-being. The findings can be used by companies to help them realign their engagement strategy based on the demographics of their workforce.

Strategies to Support Employees’ Financial Security
Improving employees’ financial security can boost employee health, well-being and productivity. What’s more, for some organizations, providing financial well-being benefits can advance recruitment and retention efforts.This document presents employers with the business case for implementing financial well-being programs or benefits, and provides an overview of the strategies some employers have in place to help employees become more financially secure.

Low-Hanging Fruit: Nine Evidence-Based Benefit Design Opportunities
Employers can optimize their health benefits strategy by aligning benefit design with medical practices that have demonstrated their effectiveness. This new publication highlights top opportunities for benefit managers to align plan design with what is evidence-based to make sure they’re steering consumers toward what works—and paying for it—while discouraging potentially wasteful care.

Parental Leave and Paid Family Sick Leave
The purpose of this quick survey is to determine how other employers manage paid parental leave that is separate from short-term disability for different types of parents. The survey also looks at paid parental leave eligibility requirements, other types of paid leave through the Family Medical Leave, and permissive leave. Twenty-nine members of the Business Group responded to this survey.

Considerations for Health and Well-being Across Generations
To best support the needs of a multigenerational workforce, employers should consider designing benefits using a tailored approach. Employees beginning their careers often have different physical, financial, emotional and personal needs than employees transitioning into retirement.

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