Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey
The 20th annual Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health Best Practices in Health Care Employer Survey shows that employers are predicting a 5% increase in medical trend for 2016. This survey of 487 large U.S. employers also found that while employers remain concerned about the cost and effectiveness of their programs, they are more committed to providing some form of health care coverage to employees over the next 10 years than they have been in recent years.

Innovative Communication Tactics that Engage Employees in Telehealth, Transparency and Second-Opinion Services
Effective communication can help increase employee awareness of important consumerism tools and engage them in using these tools when making complex health care decisions This Top Solutions provides best practices in communicating telehealth, transparency tools and second-opinion services, with the goal of driving engagement and utilization.

Seeing the Bigger Picture: Beyond Wellness to Well-being
Leading employers are changing their focus from offering benefits and programs centered on improving employees’ physical health to deploying holistic well-being strategies. There is a business case for a broader well-being strategy as a means to improved health, greater productivity and higher performance in conjunction with decreased health care costs and lower turnover. This document provides an overview of five factors that contribute to well-being and that large employers can influence within their own organizations: social connectedness, job satisfaction, financial security, physical health and emotional health.

EMPAQ® Insights Report
This report provides a summary of how over 100 employers manage their health, productivity and absence programs. In addition to providing industry level benchmarks for these programs, this report provides additional findings on how different programs impact one another.

Survey Results - Paid Leave Policies
The purpose of this survey is to provide large employer benchmarks for paid leave (e.g., PTO, vacation leave, and sick days). The survey looks specifically at the type of leave program (i.e., traditional leave system or PTO bank system) that large employers offer, and the amount of leave offered based on years of service. The survey also looks at how leave is accrued, and other aspects of managing leave accrual. Fifty-one members of the Business Group responded to this survey..


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